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The Latest

Live Action

Yuri flew to New Hampshire to shoot feature thriller SQUIRREL  directed by Matt Glass and Jordan Long.

Catch both Yuri and Tara at film festivals in the steampunk adventure film, TOPSY McGEE VS. THE SKY PIRATES! And Yuri & Tara just released their most recent feature, the mockumentary CON ARTISTS on Vimeo On Demand.

Yuri flew to Montana to shoot feature western ANY BULLET WILL DO directed by Justin Lee.

Yuri performed as Humphrey Bogart in the world premiere play, SOMETHING TRULY MONSTROUS, at The Blank Theatre Co.

See a lot (arguably too much) of Yuri in the irreverent comedy webseries SHELF LIFE! 
SHELF LIFE: THE COMPLETE PACKAGE app available now on iTunes now!

Yuri still seems to be popping up a lot these days in re-runs of Criminal Minds and Hawaii 5-0.

Yuri recently performed in the gruesome yet beautiful two-hander, TASTE, at Sacred Fools Theatre, directed by horror icon Stuart Gordon.


Yuri is voicing Spider-man in the new Spider-man PS4 by Insomniac.

Yuri just finished co-hosting the iTunes podcast YOU ARE AWAITED about Mad Max with Travis Sentell and is currently recording with him the new podcast ORIGIN STORIES about their lives. He co-hosted the GeekNation iTunes podcast CAST OF CHARACTERS with John Rocha and the subsequent SUPERANIMATIONGAMETIME on Geek&Sundry.

Yuri voices the main character in the hilariously fun new Xbox-exclusive SUNSET OVERDRIVE.

Continue to catch Yuri on Netflix in Cartoon Network's hit show BEN 10 as Vilgax.

Yuri appeared throughout the first season of Geek & Sundry's superhero web-series CAPER as intrepid reporter, Blake Anders. The series was written & produced by Amy Berg (Eureka) and Mike Sizemore (Slingers) and directed by Donald Murphy.

Yuri also shows up in the  short romcom RECALCULATING, opposite wife Tara Platt, and Virgin Airlines is showing it mid-flight for all of 2015, so if you’re flying Virgin, give it a look.


This multiple award-winning book on voice-over that Yuri co-authored with wife/actress Tara Platt offers a fun and comprehensive look at what it takes, what goes on, and what it's like behind the mic from two working pros who started from scratch.

Discover: the ins and outs of auditions; vocal warm-ups and exercises; tips for reading copy to maximum effect; hints to help you stand out; keys to marketing yourself from demo to agent to job; and what to expect when you book the job!

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